Project Quality Management - Project Quality Management

ISO 9000:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 standards have been created based on essential seven quality management principles that management may utilize for improvement of their organizational:

Focus on Customer

Appreciate the requirements of current and imminent customers

Align objectives of organization with customer expectations and needs

Meet requirements of customers

Quantify contentment of customers

Establish relationships with customer

Seek to exceed expectations of customers

Understand customer satisfaction and involvement


Establish organization vision and direction

Determine goals which should be challenging

Develop organizational standards

Create confidence

Empowerment of employees

Acknowledge contributions by employee


Ensure abilities of people are efficiently applied and appreciated

Establish accountability

Encourage participation of staff in continuous improvement

Evaluate performance of persons

Assist learning and sharing of knowledge

Facilitate open conversation of issues and limitations

Process Approach

Manage organization tasks

Measure activity capabilities

Recognize activity relationships

Prioritize opportunities for improvement

Organize effective resource management


Develop operation and potential of organization

Alignment of improvement actions

Empowerment of people to cause improvements

Regular measurement of improvement

Celebration of improvements

Decision Making

Ensure availability of correct and consistent data

Application of applicable tools for data analyses

Decisions after proper evaluation

Balance data analysis and everyday knowledge

Use decision making tools

Management of Relationship

Select appropriate suppliers to create value

Create relationships considering short and long term goals

Share information, expertise, resources, and plans

Collaborate enhancement actions

Appreciate accomplishments of suppliers