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CAPM vs PMP - The Difference and Qualifying Criteria

CAPM vs PMP - What's the Difference?

CAPM and PMP both are renowned certification on project management, developed by Project Management Institute (PMI) USA. Both are acknowledged worldwide and help you get a good job. Read on and find out difference of CAPM vs PMP and what's the qualifying criteria for both of the certifications.

What is CAPM

CAPM or Certified Associate Project Management is a certification of PMI for entry level. During start of career in project management, it is appropriate. It will assist to differentiate you from your contestants. It is truly a fundamental path of project management. Professionals attend CAPM courses online or classroom CAPM certification training courses, to meet CAPM requirements, and appear in CAPM testing center. CAPM certification classes are conducted at all major cities. CAPM will develop effectiveness and reliability while functioning as a member project team. A combination of MBA CAPM will be significantly useful to improve the career profile, and enhance job opportunities.

What is PMP

PMP certification is a program offered by Project Management Institute PMI. PMP certification can be obtained after 35 hours of PMP training, and subsequently appearing in the PMP exam. PMP certification is an acknowledged certification designed for project managers.  Becoming a PMP enables to function with any industry or methodology. PMP training includes a wide range of techniques necessary for project management, and skills that are essential to execute projects, and manage the project team. PMP certification is managed by PMI Project Management Institute in the USA, and has acquired recognition in Asia and Europe.

One major difference between the two certifications is the eligibility requirements. To become certified as a CAPM, individuals must have a secondary degree and at least 1,500 hours of experience working on a project team. To become certified as a PMP, individuals must have a bachelor's degree and at least 4,500 hours of experience leading and directing projects.

Another difference between the two certifications is the cost. The CAPM certification is generally less expensive than the PMP certification, as the PMP certification is considered to be more advanced and in-depth. Additionally, the PMP certification requires individuals to complete ongoing continuing education to maintain their certification, while the CAPM certification does not have any ongoing education requirements.


In conclusion, both CAPM and PMP certifications offer professionals the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in project management. However, the key differences between the two certifications should be considered before making a decision. The CAPM certification is a great starting point for individuals who are new to the field, while the PMP certification is designed for experienced project managers who want to demonstrate their advanced skills and expertise.

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Best Tips: Meeting Project Deadline In Projects

Why Project Deadline Is Important?

Meeting work deadline is essential for the successful project completion. Each project that is successful, delivers revenue to the company, and assists the achievement of its strategic objectives. If the organizations desire to grow, and remain in competition, the project management team must be efficient at meeting work deadline, and appreciate that project delays cost project increase in organization. Suitable, cautious project development will make sure that deadlines will be met, and the cost baseline is maintained. The product quality and meeting work deadline will contribute in building organization reputation, and brand loyalty.

Guidelines For Meeting Project Deadline

Following guidelines may be useful for meeting work deadline:

Establish A Realistic Deadline

Generally, meeting project deadline is difficult when it is created without proper project planning. It is essential to acquire project and work details by evaluating scope, trends, deliverables, and other necessary aspects that may affect the deadlines. Unless you completely appreciate the project, accurate schedule forecasting will not be possible. Do not concur to any deadline, if you are not totally satisfied regarding its timely completion. Implementing employee opinion surveys for the establishment of a realistic deadline may be useful.

Commit Within Limit

Commitments that are beyond the capability are likely to produce delays. Only to make an impression on the customers, project managers may agree to the deadlines that are not within their ability. Unrealistic limits cause customer discontentment, and differences among the project team.

Create Project Work Breakdown Structure

Breakdown the projects into smaller control points, for management of schedule, cost, and other aspects of the projects. With the breaking of project into minor groups, it becomes simple to accurately monitor and control the project. Creation of a responsibility organization matrix will also assist to successfully complete the project goals.

Time Management Skills

Possessing time management proficiency is critical in successfully meeting work deadline. Be honest regarding meeting work deadline, and manage the work accordingly. Prioritization of tasks will assist to meet the schedule baseline.

Allocate Work Suitably

In a project team, real or virtual, proper work assignment, according to the skills and capabilities, is essential to ensure meeting work deadline. Every work package should be assigned to an individual, or a team, who are accountable to meet the deadlines.

Distribute the Deadlines to Project Team

Creation and distribution of project plan to all concerned, with deadlines, is important.

Make Check List

Making of check list of deadlines will assist in meeting work deadline. There is valuable software that may be employed for building work check list. The checklist may include project goals in order, with starting date, ending date and a update project status.

Proceed Gradually

In order to finish the project earlier than the schedule, project managers are often inclined to drive the team to attain the project deliverables as rapidly as possible. Unnecessary compelling the team may cause disaster. Always progress gradually if you are eager on meeting work deadline.

Monitoring And Control

Monitoring the project work intelligently is important for ensuring the achievement of project deadline. Use of suitable software like Primavera p6 will assist for the process automation.  You can produce the organogram, where periodic reports can be generated for evaluating project status.

Contingency Reserve

Project managers must anticipate the unforeseen in project work. However, even accurate planning may not be able to foresee all issues that may occur in future, Therefore, maintaining a contingency reserve is crucial for meeting work deadline.

Meeting Project Deadline For Project Success

Implementation of these recommendations will certainly assist you to be creative by meeting work deadline. Take the time limits easily that will assist in building the brand loyalty,  and ensuring success in the projects.

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