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Best PMP Certification Exam Practice Questions On PMBOK 7th Edition

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Are you preparing for the PMP Exam, based on PMBOK 7th edition?  Then you're on the right page. Practice makes the man perfect. Find here quality PMP exam practice questions, based on PMBOK 7th edition.

1. The communications management plan is an important document used in projects that includes explanation of __________:

A. Project performance reports.

B. Activity status reports.

C. Stakeholder communication requirements.

D. Results of project benefit analysis.

Answer: C

Explanation:  The communications management plan essentially records the stakeholder communication requirements.

2. Agile projects are different from the traditional projects. Which from the list following is NOT necessary in Agile projects?

A. Incremental delivery.

B. Small releases.

C. Progressive elaboration.

D. Large teams.

Answer: D

Explanation:  Large teams are not optimal for using Agile principles.

3. _________ are generally not an indicator of the organizational cultures & styles.

A. Personal behaviors and approaches of the project management team.
B. Shared values, visions, beliefs, norms, and expectations.
C. Visions of authority relations.
D. Policies, procedures, and methods.
Answer: A
Explanation:  Personal behaviors and approaches of the project management team are individual in nature, and do not reflect the organizational cultures & styles.
4. You are the project manager of Brighthub health project, and presently in the executing stage. The project team is from different cultures with diverse experience. What should you focus most during the project execution to achieve the project objectives?

A. Perform the project work.
B. Ensuring accountability for errors.
C. Avoid third-party influence.
D. Efficient coordination with the project team and physical project resources.
Answer: D
Explanation:  One of the important role of project manager is to ensure efficient coordination with the project team and physical project resources.
5. You are performing as project manager for Bluebell and now in execution stage of the project. You are conducting a meeting with the project management team to evaluate lessons learned regarding quality control. What should be done regarding the lessons learned?

A. Record the lessons learned and include in the organization process assets.
B. Ensure that the lessons learned remain confidential.
C. Publish the lessons learned in the organization circular.
D. Monitor your strategic objectives, without considering the lessons learned, as decisions already taken should be implemented.
Answer: A
Explanation:  Lessons learned should be recorded for future application in project work and decisions.