Before you begin your PMP exam application, ensure you meet the PMP certification eligibility requirements, and can record the essential information on the PMP application.

Once an online application process is started, it cannot be cancelled. However, it can be saved incomplete, later come back on it, and amend any information already recorded. The PMP application will stay open for 90 days, during which PMI will send reminder to finish the application.

The PMP exam application should include your email address as this will be the main method of communication by PMI throughout the process of PMP certification. Although PMI will forward email reminders during the application process, candidate is responsible to schedule and sit for the PMP examination within one year. (Refer PMI PMP Handbook for more details).

Before the PMP exam application is submitted, it is essential that the candidate should agree to the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, and the Certification Application Agreement, available at the PMI PMP Handbook.

Online certification system can be used to:

View the PMP application which has been submitted

View the PMP examination status for eligibility

Download PMI audit forms

Download the PMP exam report

Submit payment for the PMP exam

Submit payment for renewal of PMP certification

Download receipts

Read the PMP certification record, and update information for contact

View the PMI online Certification Registry

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