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Main Changes in PMBOK in 2018

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Main Changes in PMBOK 5th Edition during 2018

The following changes in PMBOK will be made in early 2018:

1. Processes will increase from 47 to 49.

2. Following processes will be added:

a. Manage Project Knowledge

b. Control Resources

c. Implement Risk Responses

3. Close Procurements process has been eliminated, and its purpose merged into the process

a. Close Project or Phase

4. Names of following PMBOK Knowledge Areas will be changed:

a. Existing Project Human Resource Management changed to Project Resource Management

b. Existing Project Time Management changed to Project Schedule Management

5. Names of following processes will be changed:

a. Perform Quality Assurance changed to Manage Quality

b. Plan Human Resource Management changed to Plan Resource Management

c. Acquire Project Team changed to Acquire Resources

d. Control Communications changed to Monitor Communications

e. Control Risks changed to Monitor Risks

f. Plan Stakeholder Management changed to Plan Stakeholder Engagement

g. Control Stakeholder Engagement changed to Monitor Stakeholder Engagement

6. Chapters 1, 2, and 3 will be combined into two chapters, and an additional Chapter 3 will be  added, named The Role of the Project Manager, where role of the Project Manager will be elaborated.

7. Representations will be introduced in the PMBOK 5th edition, which will distinguish between ongoing processes (continuously being performed), and the non-ongoing processes. This model will be highlighted for first time in PMBOK Guide.

8. Concept of project scope and product Scope will also be underlined in new PMBOK Guide.

9. Earned value technique in PMBOK Guide will incorporate Earned Schedule Management.

10. Communication, which is sharing information with persons, and Communications like emails, will be distinguished from each other.

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