You may be looking for an answer for your question "what happens when your PMP application is selected for audit?" PMI has emailed you in response to your PMP exam application asking for documents to verify your application. Here, I will describe step by step what happens next.

1. PMI wants to see your documents. Send them copies of your training, project management experience and educational certificates. These will be the ones that you had mentioned in your PMP application.

Hard copies of documents are required by PMI and no email or fax is accepted.

2. Once your documents are received by PMI, they will verify them and inform you by email of the result.

  • If you fail the audit, your case is closed and you may make a fresh application no earlier than 1 year.

  • If you do not fail the audit, PMI may request some more documents to be sent to them. 

  • Or if they are satisfied with the sent documents, they will email you containing your 'eligibility code' and PMP exam scheduling instructions, and you may proceed immediately to schedule your PMP exam at the Prometric website.
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