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Benefits of Obtaining PMP Training and PMP Certification

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There are numerous benefits of becoming a PMI Certified Project Management Professional (PMP). Some of the top benefits are mentioned below:

1. It Benefits Your Job or Company

After you have obtained PMP certification, you’ll have understanding of standardized project management practices to apply at your present job or in your company. You will be able to better manage your activities or projects.

2. It Will Get You Better Job With Higher Salary

PMP certified individuals earn more salary than those who have received other management qualifications. An average starting salary that a PMP Project manager receives is about $90,000 a year. PMP certification will help you gain a minimum of 20% increase in your salary over non-PMP Project manager.

3. You Will Gain Invaluable Experience

By obtaining PMP credential, you will have experience on how to solve diverse and complex project problems, which in turn will earn you invaluable experience.

4. Make a Career Switch

You have been thinking to switch to a different type of job, PMP credential can help! By obtaining the PMP credential, you can easily find good, high paying jobs and company that you would love to work in.

5. Networking Potential

Once you've earned PMP certification, you’ll be put in contact with other PMP certification holders. Moreover, you will be in touch with those preparing for PMP Exam. You never know, more networking with people might help you find a better job. The more people in the same field you have contact with, the more chances and easier it’ll be for you to get the job of a type that you want.

6. You Can Train Others and Earn Money

After earning the PMP credential, you will be in a position to give other people PMP training. You can carry out PMP Exam Prep training and earn a good amount of money from students.

7. Helps You to Evaluate Team Members and Potential Employees

It is common to be in teams that for whatever reasons can’t work together as a group. By obtaining a PMP certification, you’ll have learned skills that will help you evaluate whether a team member will be able to become and work with everyone or not.

8. You Can Do More Efficient Projects

PMP certification gives you a number of tools to utilize in building and managing projects efficiently. The PMP credential can help you improve productivity and efficiency in all your project phases.

9. All Round Benefit

By obtaining PMP certification, you will not only obtain project management skills but also gain knowledge, confidence and connections you would not otherwise have.

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