In the existing status of the global economy, job market is very competitive. Graduates in large numbers are struggling for jobs. It is therefore essential that you should exclude yourself from this group, for which a PMP certification can be extremely useful. Credential of Project Management Professional is no doubt one of the most significant certifications in the market. It is globally recognized and demonstrates that you are proficient, experienced and qualified in the discipline of project management. The eligibility criteria to appear in the PMP exam is a 4 year degree and a minimum of 3 years project management experience. In addition, 4500 hours experience is required concerning projects, along with 35 contact hour’s education in project management. With a secondary diploma, you need to have 5 years of project management experience, 7500 hours of project experience, and 35 hours of project management education. There are numerous advantages of a PMP certification, with details as under.

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PMP Certification will Boost your Salary

Survey has revealed that those individuals who are PMP certified are paid much more compared to others, with similar qualifications and experience, but not PMP certified. Furthermore, their salaries will continue to increase every year. On an average, applicants with PMP certification get approximately US $7,000 to $9,000 more per year compared to those persons who are not.

You will be Noticed Quickly by Employers

Since the PMP is recognized globally, and also there are several pre-requisites for acquiring this certification, it is regarded high by the employers. If you are aspiring for employment particularly in the field of project management, PMP certification can make the difference between receiving your interview and having your resume being admired. Several companies now desire applicants to possess a PMP certification. Having this PMP certification makes much easier to find a good job. If you are PMP qualified, sing and dance. Place it at the resume top, with your name, and feel proud of it. Do not hide it down. Prospective employers need a few moments to glance at your resume to make a decision. Make it loud and clear that you are unlike from others, and value the three letters of PMP.

It Demonstrates You Have Tested Your Mettle

To appear in the PMP exam, you are required to have certain project management experience. Thus, if you are PMP certified, potential employers will immediately appreciate that you are well experienced. Instead of going through your complete CV, the qualification alone will stand out, and PMP certification will speak for your talent.

PMP Certification will Provide Networking

With a PMP certification, you are connected to other PMPs located globally, who are increasing rapidly. PMI offers an extensive association of local chapters in various cities, where the PMPs avail an opportunity of meeting with each other, and discuss project management, and job opportunities which may be available. These meetings also permit grant of Professional Development Units, which are essential for the PMP certification to be valid.


What places the PMP Certification different from other credentials is that it is not based on any particular discipline, but encompasses broad skills in project management, which are applicable to all business. Certification of PMP is generally adaptable for use in numerous fields.



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