What is Integration

According to the PMBOK Guide, the study of which is essential for the PMP exam, and for any PMP certification course, project integration management consist of the processes and activities that are essentially required for the identification, explanation, grouping, merger, and harmonization of the diverse processes and activities in a project. In the context of PMI project management institute methodologies, integration involves elements of amalgamation, consolidating, and communication, which are necessary for the project creation, including management of stakeholder expectations, and fulfilling the project essentials. Integration involves decisions regarding allocation of project resources, balancing challenging goals and options, and management of interdependence among the nine knowledge areas in project management. 

Processes in Project Integration Management 

There are six processes in project integration management, which are described below:

Project integration management

Develop Project Charter: This process involves the creation of a record that officially sanctions the project or a phase. It includes the primary needs of stakeholders.

Develop Project management Plan: The measures which are essential to identify, create, integrate, and control the subsidiary management plans are prepared.

Direct and Manage Project Execution: During this process, the tasks which are identified in the project management plan are performed to complete the objectives of the project.

Monitor and Control Project Work: During this process, project progress is tracked, reviewed, and regulated to ensure achievement of the project objectives, which are described in the project management plan.

Perform Integrated Change Control: All changes which are desired in the project are controlled during this process by conducting a

Close Project or Phase:
Activities in all the process groups are completed to officially finish the project or phase. review of change requests, approval of the changes, and management of changes to the project deliverables, documents, and the plan.

Why Integration is Essential?

The requirement of integration is obvious in circumstances where the numerous processes in a project interact with each other. For instance, a cost estimate will involve integration with the knowledge areas of time, and risk. The deliverables of the project will need to be integrated with the current business of the organization responsible for the project, or that of the client, or with the strategic plan of the customer. 

Efficient integration is extremely important for the success of a project, since various processes are being performed simultaneously, which are closely related with each other. Integration is an important knowledge area, which is defined in the PMI project management institute methodologies. PMBOK guide contains detailed description of project integration, including the inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs of the integration processes.