The following terms in PMBOK 4th Edition are being changed or added in the PMBOK 5th Edition that is going to be released by PMI in January 2013.

Direct and Manage Project Execution—changed to Direct and Manage Project Work

Plan Scope Management process—added

Verify Scope—changed to Validate Scope

Project Management Institute


Plan Schedule Management—added

Plan Cost Management—added

Plan Quality—changed to Plan Quality Management

Perform Quality Control—changed to Control Quality

Develop Human Resource Plan—changed to Plan Human Resource Management

Monitor and Control Risks—changed to Control Risks

Plan Procurements—changed to Plan Procurement Management

Administer Procurements—changed to Control Procurements

Plan Stakeholder Management Knowledge Area—added

Manage Stakeholder Expectations—changed to Manage Stakeholders  Engagement

Control Stakeholders Engagement—added

Work performance measurement changed to work performance data

Positive Risks -  changed to “opportunity”

Plan Stakeholders management - added

This list is taken from PMI website. For more information on PMBOK changes you can visit PMI website at

The above list of terms  will be changed in PMBOK 5th Edition. Upon the release of the new PMBOK version, all existing PMPs will have to remember the new terms and should be able to map them with the previous terms.

Besides term changes and additions, there are many more changes coming in the PMBOK 5th Edition, so keep looking the website for more about PMBOK 5th Edition. More on it will be added here soon.

Now, PMBOK 6th edition is going to be released. It is expected it will be in market by end of year 2017 or early in 2018. Find out what changes are being made in PMBOK 6th edition, here.