Why PMP Certification Is Important?

The PMP certification course leads to PMP credential, which is an important milestone for all project managers, as it can become a turning point in their professional career, and is extremely important for growth in their respective organization and industry. 

Any individual, who will appear in the PMP exam, after thoroughly studying the PMPBOK Guide, will desire to know the passing criteria

PMP Exam Passing Marks

established by PMI for this PMP certification test. According to the data maintained by PMI, there are more than 460,000 PMPs around the world, in every business, including IT, telecommunications, healthcare, finance, and construction. 

Furthermore, project performance has been better in organizations, which had more than 35% PMP certified project managers. In addition, 80% of the prominent organizations employ a project manager with a PMP certification. This article will explain the PMP exam pattern, and its passing criteria.

Questions To Expect in PMP Exam

The PMP exam consists of a total of 200 multiple-choice questions, which include 25 questions that are un-scored, and will not contribute towards the result. These 25 questions are included by PMI to test their legitimacy for future exams. All questions from different process groups are located in a random manner, and not in sequence of the process groups. The allocated time for the exam is four hours, with no scheduled breaks.

Passing Criteria Psychometric Analysis

Until the year 2005, the passing marks for this exam were 61%. But now the passing criterion is determined by a psychometric analysis. PMI has not elaborated this term. Psychometric analysis may be employed to authenticate any instrument, which is used for measuring human performance, thoughts, talent, or character qualities. 

Psychometric analysis is vital when a score is produced, which is employed for decisions that are crucial, like hiring of professionals, management capability, performance reviews, evaluation of talent, background assessment, leadership traits, communication skills, and performance under stress. The best technique during the PMP exam prep is to thoroughly study PMBOK guide. Furthermore, guide by Rita Mulcahy is extremely valuable for this exam.