Procedure For PMBOK Change

PMBOK Guide is a standard on project management that is issued by PMI after every four

Project Management Institute PMBOK 5th Edition


years. The existing PMBOK 4th Edition was issued in December 2008, and thus PMBOK 5th Edition will be issued during December 2012. It is created through a development process that involves voluntary consent. This practice gathers volunteers, who have a thorough perception concerning the issues included in the document, and obtain their professional opinion. The review period was expected to be completed by May 2011. The volunteers are members of the reviewer committee, and responsible for upgrading the PMBOK Guide. They are also responsible for reliability, and excellence of the standard. Other fields of responsibility comprise the under mentioned aspects:

Why PMBOK is Important?

PMBOK is a project management body of knowledge, which includes the methodology and best practices used for project management. Project managers frequently refer this guide as a useful tool, to ensure the successful execution, and monitoring of a large range of projects. PMBOK is also used for preparing for the PMP exam. Since the best practices, and tools used for project management are changing and improving, there is a need to update the standard accordingly.

What Changes in PMBOK are to Come?

The PMBOK 5th edition is expected to offer more clarity regarding different features of the project management best practices. For example, the term change request has been used frequently in the existing edition, while in the 5th edition, the term has been clarified, and will also comprise corrective actions, preventive actions, and defect repair.

Probably, the most important difference between the 4th and 5th editions of the publication is the adding, and removal of several processes. Another significant addition is the inclusion of the list interpersonal skills that are needed for the successful management of projects. Furthermore, the flow charts have been made simpler for the reader.

Validity of PMBOK Guide 4th Edition

The existing PMBOK 4th Edition is expected to be the current standard for the PMP exam till June 2013, after which the PMBOK 5th Edition is likely to be used for the future PMP exams.

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