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PMP Certification Exam Tips, Guides, Latest News And More...

PMP 47 Processes Chart (Inputs, Outputs, Tools/Techniques)

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If you are preparing for the PMP exam, it is very important for you to first, understand the 47 processes from PMBOK and then memorize them all. Furthermore, If you think that you have sharp memory, should should also memorize all or some of the inputs, outputs and tools/techniques of each process.

The document I am publishing here shows the 47 processes tree, with their inputs, output and tools/techniques, in a chart form. This document will help you understand and memorize the 47 processes easily. You can print this document after downloading and stick on your office desk, near your bed or anywhere you spend more time, to memorize it quickly. Use the link below to download the document.

Download PMP 47 Processes Chart

Also download, another type of the process chart, here


Project Description Examples for PMP Exam Form

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Have you had PMP training and presently you are filling up the PMP exam registration form? Filling the PMP exam form is not difficult. The main criteria to fill in the form is that you have used terminologies in the project descriptions that you will enter, which you have learned in the your PMP training.

Have a look at sample project descriptions below, and you too should write similar project descriptions in your PMP exam form.

Procedure Filling PMP Exam Application


PMI requires that qualified PMP candidates:

  • Accomplish their responsibilities under general direction and are accountable for all project aspects
  • Guide and instruct cross-functional teams to manage projects within the constraints of quality, resources, schedule, and budget
  • Display adequate knowledge and skills to apply a methodology to projects that have defined project requirements and deliverables. Project descriptions should  be written to determine whether or not the documented projects are actually projects.

Furthermore, project descriptions should comprise of following:

  • Brief project objective
  • Deliverables of project, by process groups 

  • Concise project outcome 

  • Keywords (terminologies taught from PMBOK)

Real Project Descriptions (maximum 550 words)

Sample Project Description No. 1

I was involved in creation of project charter. Obtained project requirements from stakeholders. Project management plan was created which included project scope statement, WBS, plans of schedule, cost, quality, HR. I assisted to create project deliverables during project execution, monitored project management plan, including cost and schedule, ensured proper execution. Stakeholders were informed of approved changes. Project was reviewed, closed successfully, lessons learned documented, archived documents, and project was accepted by sponsor.

Sample Project Description No. 2

Produced project scope statement, created WBS, defined activities, estimated their duration. Determined quality standards, produced quality plan, estimated cost and created project budget, identified risks, including their qualitative & quantitative analysis. Prepared risk responses. Project management plan was prepared, Directed and managed project work during project execution. Project was monitored, including cost, time, risks. Conducted project review, and project was successfully closed by acceptance. Lesson learned were documented.

Sample Project Description No. 3

Developed project charter, collected project requirements from stakeholders, and project scope was defined. Produced project management plans, including project schedule, cost plan, HR plan, and procurement management plan. Identified quality standards, and quality management plan. Team was acquired and directed project work. Conducted procurement, and produced deliverables. Project was monitored and controlled, including control of schedule, cost, quality. Project was reviewed, accepted by user. Documents were archived. Created lessons learned.

Sample Project Description No. 4

Identified major stakeholders and assisted in creating project charter, which included summary budget, high level project description etc. Defined project scope by producing project scope statement, created WBS, scope baseline, defined activities, and developed schedule. Assisted in developing budget. Produced project management plan, according to which executed project and produced deliverables. Monitored work, evaluated and corrected variances of cost, time etc. Project was successfully closed by acceptance. Reviewed project and created lessons learned. Archived documents.



What Happens When Your PMP Application is Selected For Audit

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You may be looking for an answer for your question "what happens when your PMP application is selected for audit?" PMI has emailed you in response to your PMP exam application asking for documents to verify your application. Here, I will describe step by step what happens next.

1. PMI wants to see your documents. Send them copies of your training, project management experience and educational certificates. These will be the ones that you had mentioned in your PMP application.

Hard copies of documents are required by PMI and no email or fax is accepted.

2. Once your documents are received by PMI, they will verify them and inform you by email of the result.

  • If you fail the audit, your case is closed and you may make a fresh application no earlier than 1 year.

  • If you do not fail the audit, PMI may request some more documents to be sent to them. 

  • Or if they are satisfied with the sent documents, they will email you containing your 'eligibility code' and PMP exam scheduling instructions, and you may proceed immediately to schedule your PMP exam at the Prometric website.
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Which Documents Do You Need to Send to PMI if Your PMP Application is in Audit Process

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If your PMP exam application is selected for audit, you will need to send the following documents to PMI for verification:

  • Signatures from your manager, supervisor or a colleague on your experience sections of the application.

  • Copy of your PMP training certification from your PMP training provider.
  • Copy of all certificates and degrees that you have mentioned in your PMP application form.
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Important PMP Exam Application Audit FAQs

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These important PMP Application Audit FAQs will help you understand the situation and deal with it more effectively, in order to pass the PMI audit.

Was your PMP exam application selected for audit randomly?


How much time you have to submit the required documents?

60 days.

How much time does PMI take to complete the audit process after you send the documents?

1 day to 1 week.

Do you have to send signed documents?

Yes, by the manager. If he's not available, your supervisor, or a colleague can do sign.

Do you need to send original documents?


Will PMI contact your office manager for verification purposes?

Not always.

Do your degrees have to be in English?

You will send copy of original degrees along with a letter outlining translation

How do you send your documents to PMI?

All documents have to be sent by post or a courier service. Documents by email or fax are not accepted. The PMI address is:

PMI Attention:

Certification Audit

14 Campus Blvd.

Newtown Square, PA 19073-3299, USA

What will happen if you do not send or send incomplete information that is requested?

The application will be failed.

How many applications are selected for audit?

PMI has not revealed this information but it is estimated that about 10% of applications are selected for Audit

What happens if you fail the audit?

Your application fee with deduction of processing fee will be refunded.

After how long you can reapply for PMP exam if your fail the audit?

1 year.

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What happens when your PMP application is selected for audit?

What Documents you need to send to PMI



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