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What is CCB (Change Control Board) and ICC (Integrated Change Control)

The management of change is a critical component of organizational operations. It provides a structured and controlled approach to making alterations, which minimizes disruptions, reduces the likelihood of failure, and maximizes the chances of success when introducing new or modified systems, processes, services, or products.

What is CCB (Change Control Board)?

The Change Control Board (CCB) is a group of individuals responsible for examining, evaluating, and granting approval for changes in a project. Typically, the CCB is comprised of representatives from various stakeholders or departments involved in the project, and its main goal is to assess the impact of changes on the project and guarantee that they are planned and executed appropriately to minimize disruptions and keep the project on track.

What is Integrated Change Control (ICC)

Integrated Change Control (ICC) is an effective method for managing changes in a project. ICC is performed by CCB and it involves a systematic evaluation and implementation of changes in a coordinated manner to align the project with its objectives. The ICC process encompasses the following steps:

  1. Identification of Changes: Capturing changes as they occur and evaluating their impact on the project.

  2. Evaluation of Changes: Assessing the impact of changes on the project and determining whether they should be carried out.

  3. Planning of Changes: Developing a plan for executing changes, including the required resources, timeline, and risks.

  4. Implementation of Changes: Carrying out changes according to the plan, ensuring proper execution.

  5. Monitoring and Control of Changes: Overseeing changes and ensuring they are carried out as planned.

The objective of Integrated Change Control is to guarantee that changes are thoroughly planned, executed, and monitored to minimize their impact on the project and keep it on track. This is a crucial aspect of project management as changes are a regular occurrence in any project and can have a significant impact if not properly managed.

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