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Project Management Plan (PMP) Contents According to PMBOK

Project Management Plan 

A Project Management Plan (PMP) according to PMBOK would typically contain the following elements:

  • Project Charter: project objectives, scope, stakeholders, and high-level schedule.

  • Project Management Plan: overview of the project management process and specific methodologies/tools.

  • Scope Management Plan: detailed project scope, deliverables, acceptance criteria, and change control process.

  • Schedule Management Plan: detailed project schedule, critical path, and schedule change control process.

  • Cost Management Plan: approach to managing costs, including policies/procedures, budget breakdown, cost estimating, budgeting, cost control, forecasting, and change control processes.

  • Quality Management Plan: approach to managing quality, including policies/procedures, standards, control and assurance processes, and quality change control process.

  • Resource Management Plan: approach to managing resources, including policies/procedures, assignments, responsibilities, and roles.

  • Communication Management Plan: approach to managing communications, including policies/procedures, channels, stakeholders, and reporting requirements.

  • Risk Management Plan: approach to managing risks, including policies/procedures, identification, assessment, response planning, and monitoring/control.

  • Procurement Management Plan: approach to managing procurement, including policies/procedures, planning, solicitation, source selection, contract administration, and closeout.

  • Stakeholder Management Plan: approach to managing stakeholders, including policies/procedures, engagement, and communication.

  • Closeout: process for closing out the project, including final reporting and archiving of project documents.

The Project Management Plan should be aligned with the project charter and objectives, and regularly reviewed and updated throughout the project. The level of detail may vary depending on the project's size and complexity. This is just a sample and not a complete Project Management Plan as per PMBOK.


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