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Brainstorming Meaning - Brainstorming Benefits

What is Brainstorming meaning? Well, Brainstorming focuses on a relaxed and natural style to problem solving by the use of lateral thinking. Brainstorming techniques inspires individuals to generate ideas, which may even initially appear abnormal, but later may be shaped into innovative solutions. Brainstorming tools can assist people to apply their minds during the brainstorming session. During the brainstorm sessions, disapproval or approving opinions should not be encouraged. Attempt to open up options and break down inaccurate suppositions about the problem. At this stage, conclusion and evaluation prevents generation of ideas and reduces innovation. Assessment of concepts should occur at end of brainstorm session, when solution evaluation occurs.

Benefits of Brainstorming

Traditional group problem solving techniques may often not be appropriate due to unsupportive conduct of group. Though it is essential to initiate an organized, methodical process for problem solving, this may create partial and unimaginative thoughts. However, brainstorming offers an environment that stimulate everybody to contribute. Abnormal ideas are accepted for further discussion and elaboration, without any criticism and the brainstorm members are inspired to participate for fostering productive solutions.

Brainstorm can also assist team buy-in for the selected solution, as they will be more dedicated to an approach if they were engaged in its development. Furthermore, since brainstorming involves excitement, it aids bonding of the team members, as they positively resolve challenges, in an entertaining background.

Though brainstorming may be valuable, it is essential to conduct it with a non-judgment attitude, otherwise unhealthy criticism may affect the team relationships. There are different brainstorming techniques available for generation of creative ideas through brainstorming activities. 

Individual Brainstorming

Whereas group brainstorm sessions are often more helpful to generate solutions compared to routine group problem solving, numerous surveys have disclosed that brainstorming by individuals creates better ideas than in a group brainstorm session. This may occur since groups do not always strictly follow brainstorming rules, and unhealthy activities affect achievement of brainstorming goals. While you brainstorm yourself, there is no fear regarding the opinions of other people, and thus the environment is more creative. You may appreciate a solution for which you may have hesitation to discuss with other people, for which self-brainstorming is more valuable. However, development of ideas by self-brainstorming may not totally possible due to lack of experience, knowledge, and experience for which group brainstorming may be more useful.

Brainstorming by Group

Collaborative brainstorming has the benefit of the complete knowledge, experience, and creativity of all participants. Brainstorming exercises in group involve more concentration compared to brainstorming by individuals. Another advantage is the sense of participation of group members in the development of solution. Brainstorming by group is more entertaining, involving team building and fun. Use of brainstorming software may be helpful.
I hope now you know complete brainstorming meaning and its benefits. 

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