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Writing a Project Scope Statement

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How to Start?

A scope statement is a critical element of a project, and its development may be a complicated assignment of a project manager. However, an efficiently composed scope statement may assist the project flow, with minimum issues. Let us look writing a decent scope statement, its essential elements, and the snags to evade during its formation. The initial step is filling the name of the project, project charter, project sponsor, and the stakeholders. A project validation may be required to be acknowledged, including project requirements, deliverables, major activity milestones, and activity cost estimates. the scope statement will document all this information for easy understanding and reference.

Plain and Brief

A project scope statement should be logical, explicable, and concise. A helpful project name may be like “Produce a Advertisement Plan To Increase Sales”. The purpose of writing the project name is to authenticate the project, so that everybody concerned is conscious of what is anticipated from the project.

Project Scope Statement Elements

Project Charter

The project charter recognizes objectives, including project constraints like time, or resources. The project charter is employed as the focal point during the project lifecycle, and can be particularly helpful for reducing scope creep, and in efficient project scope management. Scope creep is an incident where the project scope is progressively enhanced. The project scope statement should include the project validation, explaining the reasons for project creation. This assists to offer the general project direction, which highlights the ultimate objectives. A project charter should be drafted, and its aim is normally:

Authorize the project

Present a high level outline

Recognizing the major stakeholders

Deliverables and Exclusions

The subsequent division in the scope statement may record the project requirements, which are the goals, which must be accomplished. Major milestones may also be included. The goals should be precise and measurable. Project exclusions, which will not be attempted, should also be mentioned, to prevent scope creep. The identification of project exclusions ensures that additional scope is not later added, without being processed through the integrated change control process. The project deliverables are documented accurately. At times, milestones are also mentioned with the major deliverables. The deliverables are required to be mutually approved by the sponsor, and the stakeholders. Deliverables can also incorporate details of assistance that may be essential at the project completion. Clear precise definition of the deliverables will prevent scope creep.

Cost Estimates

The project scope statement should include accurate activity cost estimates, which will be required during the planning process. Too low cost estimates, which have not been prepared accurately, will cause over budget. If the cost estimates are too high, then funds may remain idle, and will not be available for utilization on other projects. Thus, the cost estimates should be prepared with extreme care. Efficient cost management is a vital project success factor.

Project Acceptance

The final essential portion of a scope statement is the approved receiving signatures. This is an extremely important step, and will be valuable in scope creep mitigation. Obtaining signatures from all concerned will minimize the chances of subsequent disagreement.


Use of concise language in the project scope statement, and preventing vagueness is crucial to causing a scope statement to be successful and valuable for project scope management. It is helpful to have all the required information documented in one place. The creation of a project scope statement may involve lot of time, but subsequently the rewards are enormous, including scope creep prevention, and creation of successful projects. Scope creep may often be a major reason of project failure. By clear documentation, a project scope statement may lead to project success.