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5Cs of Written Communication

The 5 C's of written communication are:

Conversational, Clear, Concise, Connected, and Correct

Clarity:  To make the writing easy to understand, it should be clear.

Conciseness: To make the text easily understandable by the reader, it must be concise and clear. Concise writing can enhance engagement and interest in the message.

Correctness: Writing should be free from grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors, boosting the writer's credibility and professionalism and making it easier for the reader to understand.

Completeness: Writing should include all essential information, thoroughly covering the topic at hand. Completeness ensures that the reader has all the necessary information to understand the message and make informed decisions.

Consideration: Writing should be tailored to the audience and context, showing consideration for the reader. Considerate writing helps establish trust and positive relationships with the reader.

By incorporating the 5 C's of Written Communication, one can effectively convey their message, establish credibility and trust with the audience, and attain the desired outcome.

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