Soft Skills In Project Management - Soft Skills In Project Management

Project success demands that all the essential requirements should be accomplished. If the project needs are met in totality, it has extreme probability of reaching the ultimate phase of conclusion, and attaining the business goals for which the project was initiated. Maslow initiated a physiological requirements model that manages the human performance and enthusiasm. This hierarchy may also be employed for project management. The hierarchy is this:

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Resized, renamed,...

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Self actualization – Completion of deliverables, and their issue

•  Esteem – Regard for humans, equipment,materials

Affection – Aim of the business

Safety – Constancy in performance

Psychological – This can be referred to the project resources

Project management specifically concerns persons and their requirements. A project that fulfills all the basic needs of associated groups has great probability of achieving the business objective, and employee motivation and retention. The project progress may be seriously influenced if the needs are not met. The project manager should manage the needs in priority, as stated in the Maslow s hierarchy of needs. Such an approach will improve the chances of project success. The right approach for management of project needs is to begin from the lowest level, and proceed upwards, to meet the needs.


All projects require particular resources, including financial, human, equipment, etc to ensure completion of deliverables according to the scope defined in the project charter, and desired by the project stakeholders. All the needs should be met to the maximum, so that the project management team is convinced that they possess the desired motivation to complete the project according to plan. Even if a single need is not fulfilled, the project performance may suffer.


After creation of the project organization, and allocation of needs, the team should be certain that all the allocated resources will be provided. This facilitates concentration by the team on the project activities to ensure their completion. The interest of the team may be diverted, if any of the needs are deficient.

Aim Of Business

All projects are planned to expand the business objectives, and should thus have a specific reason that is obvious to the team. If the team believes that it is not performing towards the accomplishment of project objectives, it will feel separated from the enterprise, and this may influence their confidence. People therefore may not be fully helpful to the team, and performance could be affected.


A continuous team performance evaluation is essential, and such assessment should be recognized by team members. All team appreciation should be publicized, to ensure motivation and high performance.


When the project needs and resources are provided, the team can then perform towards the completion of deliverables, and successful project completion, which is the top level in Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Successful project delivery will be a contributing factor for motivation goal setting, and employee motivation and retention.

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