Project Success and Failure - Project Success and Failure

Like the environment in all disciplines of engineering, science or IT is growing rapidly,  new trends are emerging in project environment, which is expected to be more complicated, with increased necessity of collaboration between the project team, executives, and the stakeholders. Use of modern project tools, customized approach, efficient management of resources, and training will be essential for obtaining the maximum benefit in business. 

Definition of project management and project success may be transformed to include much more than the existing criterion. Collaboration is

Project Management main phases

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considered to be the most vital trend during the year 2013 in projects. Here are top 10 trends to witness in project management in 2013:

1. Program management is likely to grow with limited resources, who will need to be managed more proficiently. More funds are expected to be poured in competency models, growth of methodologies will be seen, efficient PM tools will be deployed. Target Corporation organizational structure can be a good guide.

2. Smart investments will have an effective bond between project processes and business processes. In the economic sector, and particularly in insurance area, focus will be to improve performance of the business processes, to reduce the operational expenditures. 

3. Collaboration software solutions are likely to be a fundamental tool for the project team. Due to increase in project complications, including network of virtual projects, and constricted funds, there will be a demand for more professional and easy communication. There are software available like Sharepoint, MS Project Server, etc.  Collaboration will allow improved data sharing, distribution of information, web access, and version control, to improve productivity.

4. Customer satisfaction will attain enhanced importance, and project managers will be inclined to obtain greater inputs from them.

5. Role of PMO will be enlarged for greater monitoring and control of projects to improve business performance. Evaluation of project productivity by a PMP will be conducted more efficiently by using effective project tools.

6. Application of training on the work will be maintained with greater vigor. Project managers will seek facilitative leadership traits. Leadership styles and conflict management will become more proactive. Project managers will be more concerned with how to handle project delays and budget overruns.

7. In fields like planning, necessities, and communications, organizations will design customized methodologies that are best suited to their work. 

8. PMP certification course will continue to gain momentum, as more and more professionals will be eager to obtain this coveted goal in the profession of project management, and will prefer PMP exam prep to dominate their career.

9. Project managers with adequate professional education, experience and with credentials like PMP will find plenty of jobs to improve their career growth. Talent will be foremost among their critical success factors.

10. Human resource managers will have to recognize high profile project managers, by using modern tools of human assessment.

These are the top ten trends we are going to witness in 2013 and the coming years.

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