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Importance Of Tools In Project Management

While project management ability is evidently essential for the project managers, the basic tools used by project managers can be extremely valuable for project monitoring and control. Even the least important project activity can be managed effectively by using suitable project management software, like Oracle project management software primavera p6, or other applicable software and other tools.

Basic tools used by project managers are helpful for all tasks in which various results are likely, and there is a probability failing. Therefore, there is a requirement of accurate project development, evaluating the decisions, and managing tasks and resources for the delivery of successful results.


Tools Used by Project Managers

As project managers, it is demanding to track all project features, without the use of suitable tools. Therefore, we search for tools that can facilitate the successful completion of projects. Here are the basic tools used by project managers that can be valuable.

Effective Communication

Communication is one of the most vital features in projects that may cause their success or failures. You must be competent to manage the human resources, using effective project management skills. Communication is either internal with the project management team, or external with the stakeholders. Communications can be written, verbal, or non-verbal, with the techniques being body language, active and passive language, presentation skills, etc.

Management Of Data

Accurate data management is essential for effective project monitoring and control. Storage of data is essential for the project manager, and the project management team, to maintain information in a safe and trustworthy location.

Contact Management

As a project manager, you may be required to establish interface with much more than the project management team and the top management. You required maintaining contact information to get to the contact specialists. Software has features of address book, which permit to record essential topics like name, number, and address for reference.

Schedule Monitoring

Schedule tracking is vital for control actions, especially the activities on critical path, and communicating with the project team.

Brainstorming Techniques

Brainstorming is generally the foremost decisive project innovative phase concerning planning.

Fishbone Diagrams

Fishbone diagrams are also identified as Ishikawa and cause and effect diagrams. Fishbone diagrams are mostly employed in quality management, fault analysis, and process improvement, particularly in manufacture industry. Fishbone diagrams are useful for recognizing unknown features which are important in facilitating activities, and resources.

Critical Path Analysis

Critical path analysis, also known as critical path method, is a distinctive process for recognizing associated and mutually dependent tasks, particularly when a project contains a large number of activities. Critical path analysis is helpful for viewing factors whose time period overlap. They permit the project plan to be accurately programmed in accordance with a time scale. Critical path analysis also facilitates cost and budget planning.

Gantt Charts

Gantt Charts are exceptionally valuable tools in project management. Gantt charts are valuable budgeting and scheduling tools, and also for rapid portraying and communicating progress. Since the preliminary Gantt charts introduction, they have rapidly transformed into a business standard, and a vital project management tool for demonstration of the project phases, and tasks, which have been scheduled as a function of the work breakdown structure.

Work Breakdown Structure

A work breakdown structure is basically a comprehensive, hierarchy tree formation, consisting of the project deliverables and activities, which are required for the project completion. Work breakdown structure is an extremely widespread tool used in project management, and the foundation for project planning.

Benefits of Using Project Management Tools

Project management is basically the approach by which the projects are identified, designed, observed, controlled and created such that the established benefits are accomplished. The basic tools used by project managers, like the critical path method, Gantt charts, and work breakdown structure will assist the project managers in achieving the desired outcome. In addition, scheduling software like Oracle Primavera greatly help in planning, execution, monitoring and reporting. Primavera is a world-wide known and used software. Find out benefits of using Primavera here.