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How To Renew PMP Certification

How To Renew PMP Certification

To renew your PMP certification, you must follow these steps:

Meet the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR).
Renewing your PMP certification requires earning 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) over a three-year certification cycle. These PDUs must be earned in the categories of education, giving back to the profession, and working on projects.

Report your PDUs: You will need to log in to your PMI account and report all PDUs earned during the certification cycle. You will need to provide the details of the PDU activities and the corresponding number of PDUs earned.

Pay the renewal fee: PMI charges a fee for the renewal of the PMP certification. Fees may vary depending on when you renew and your PMI membership status.

Submit your renewal request:
After you have reported your earned PDUs to PMI and paid the renewal fee, your for submission will be evaluated by PMI and, if approved, your certification will be renewed immediately.

Retain proof of PDU.

It's important to track all PDU activity and the corresponding number of PDUs earned. PMI may ask you to provide proof of her PDU activity at any time. Please be aware that you must recertify before your current certification expires. You will have to retake the PMP certification exam in that case. To allow enough time for the process to finish and prevent last-minute complications, PMI also advises starting the renewal process at least 90 days prior to the expiration date.

This is how to renew PMP certification. Find here PMI PMP renewal option, which is through further education. Obtain any of the training mentioned there (you can take online) and earn your PMP PDUs

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